Root Explorer needs no introduction as it the most powerful and widely used file manager both on iOS and Android devices. But, there are many people that are unable to use the latest version of Root Explorer and hence they look for Root Explorer Alternatives for excellent file management. So, below is the guide to different Root Explorer alternatives which are worth considering.

Today, the market is flooded with a variety of file managers and the best amongst them is the Root Explorer which comes with some of the amazing features and tools for ultimate file management to access system files successfully. But, not all people will agree to download this app and hence they look for alternatives.

Top 5 Root Explorer Alternatives For Android Device:


So, to help you with the best file manager here is the list of few Root Explorer Alternatives which are worth considering in place of Root Explorer.

1. ES File Explorer

This is the most amazing application that allows the users to manage all types of files including the documents, applications and even the APK files on Android devices. The application also comes with multiple new features like hindering the active apps and accessing the cloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sky Drive and more. This is one of the best Root Explorer Alternatives which is specifically designed for Android device. It gives to root access to the system files and folders and can be used to decompress the ZIP files and RAR files and other files in the memory of the device.

2. Solid Explorer

This is another great file manager which you may download as Root Explorer Alternatives. It comes with many unique features and designed with a user-friendly interface which allows you to manage even the hidden files on your device memory. Alike Root Explorer, this application also allows the users to extract files, creating TAR packages and ZIP files and more. It can also help you to extract files from Dropbox, Google Drive and Cloud Drive with ease.

3. FX File Manager

FX File Manager is the best file manager today which comes with some of the unique features which are very much similar to that of Root Explorer. The UI is very simple and well maintained with the simple touch in material design. It can decrease or increase the preview sizes of the folders and files and can give you access to the hidden files from every corner of the device. It can be used to view documents in diverse formats and can create ZIP files and UNZIP files and even delete the unwanted files. It can also help users to delete the installed files and uninstall the stored APK files from the devices.

4. Amaze

Amaze is one of the best Root Explorer Alternatives which you can download on your device for optimal performance and file management. It is the open source application designed for Android devices and works to give you impressive access to the root files of the device and even allows you to manage the memory of the device by deleting the unwanted files. It provides you the option of quick browse box in which can create shortcuts of directories and apps. It also works to accelerate the performance of the device by deleting files and freed up space of your device.

5. File Commander

File Commander is also the best file manager which is equipped with some unique features and considered as one of the best Root Explorer Alternatives to download. It allows arranging files on the device, shares files, compresses files and even it supports USB OTG. With the premium version of the app, you can perform encryption of data and hide any type of files stored on the device.

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