HipStore APK Download V1.0.7 For Android Device – Latest Version

HipStore Apk is basically an Android App store which is used to download and apps on your Android phones. All types of Apps and Games you can find in this store with latest updates and collections every day. So start downloading favorite apps and games from this app store and grow up your favorite collection on your phone. You can get a refined user-friendly interface for users such that they can feel good while using this App Store.

Moreover all types of games, apps for music, educations, entertainment and much more you can get on this app only. The developers of this app really work hard to explore this app store and it’s a great discovery for every user.

HipStore APK Download For Android Device:


Everything you can get on the go through this app even when the top picks have launched on this app currently. A huge collection of hot apps and games for the child also available on this app. This App Store is only getting support from the recent like from Android 4.1 or above. In this topic, we will mention the downloading and installation procedure of this App store with available features. Some of the apps are there which you can’t able to find on Google Play but the HipStore will provide these Apps for free.

How to download HipStore Apk File?

HipStore Apk file is very easy to download from the third party site. We will provide some steps and safe link to download this Apk file.

  • To download the latest Apk file of HipStore App then go to this Download Link.
  • When you will click this download link it will redirect you automatically to the download page or site.
  • Now find out the proper download button from the page and Click on that button to start downloading.
  • The speed of the downloading may vary depending on your internet connection and speeds.
  • Once the downloading has been completed the file will be saved on your phone memory or SD card.

And like that, you would have completed the download procedure of the APk file of Hipstore. Now that you know how to download the apk file, learn how to install this on your device down below.

How to install HipStore Apk?

To install the HipStore Apk file apply the steps mentioned below. These steps are quite easy to follow and to comply by.

  • Open your Phone settings and select the option Security Settings. Open the security settings and choose the Unknown Sources which you need to enable it by just a single tap or click. By enabling this setting you can easily install the Apk files from third-party sites or Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the setup  Apk and click on the file to start the installation process.
  • Once the installation has been started you need to allow this app to access your phone files.
  • After installation has been done the app icon will be created on App drawer menu.
  • Open the App Store now and download your most needful apps and games from it easily.


Main Features of HipStore Apk:

The all best features of HipStore Apk is described below. So let’s have a look at it.

  1. You do not need and rooted or jailbreak Android device to start up this app. Just you need to install and simply use your phone.
  2. Very Easy to download and install on your device.
  3. Browse all the best useful games and apps through this app store and download them for free and for paid version too.
  4. You can use this app without any sign in or registration. So no need to create an ID for this app.
  5. Access all types of ringtones app, media app, games app, utility app, educational app etc. for free or paid through this app.
  6. Get regular updates with top daily and weekly-based best picks apps and more.
  7. User-friendly interface with best UI and features.
  8. The lightweight app such that it occupies very less amount of space on your phone.

The working technique of this app is almost like Google Play. Hope so you all the users get the proper information about the HipStore Apk download. So what you all think, is this app is useful for you all? If yes, then take your phone and start using this app to get most exciting items for your device directly through this app. From the above steps, you all get to know how to download and install this Apk on your phone stepwise. We already provided the safe and secure download link for this Apk file through which you can get it on your phone instantly. Sorry, it says you that this type of App Store software is not available on Google Play. So the user needs to download this Apk file and can start using this App Store for free.

Tongbu APK Download For Android & iOS – Latest V1.6.1

Third-party app stores are advancing gradually day by day. With the upgrading Android versions, the emergence of alternatives of Google Play Store is rising. This brought in front of us one of the reliable Android app store apk Tongbu apk. You have guessed absolutely correct. This page will be informing you all about this wonderful app store apk.

The information carried forward will include the amazing features that this app store apk is possessing. You will also be knowing how your device must include this app store apk. The reasons for choosing this app store apk over the other many third-party app stores are undoubtedly grantable.

Tongbu APK Download V1.6.1 For Android Device:


Tongbu Tui apk has already captured the market of third-party app stores. Well, it deserved to have made so. The amazing features are indeed one of the prime reason for its success. But, the user-friendly attitude of this app store apk must also be counted. As you know, any of the standard Andriod device starts with a version of at least 4.0. This app store apk can be easily used in your Android device if the version of it ranges 4.0 or above. Let us now get go down the page to get to know all the aspects of this app store apk without any further delay.

Tongbu Apk: Notable Features

As app shopper, you are having a keen interest on which app store really provides some exclusive and unique apps. Well, no doubt, subsidizing Google Play Store is not that easy. But, hopping into an app store apk that really does provide some usual apps that you can easily find in Google Play Store will indeed not turn on your interest. Third-party app stores have basically grown popular due to the availability of some price charged apps for free. Same with Tongbu apk too and there are lots more to be disclosed.


  • This app store apk is just not amazing but has proved as the best alternative to Google Play Store. It is one of the most features app store apk. Not only that, via this app store apk you can conveniently search and surf for top apps, top games and much more. The best part is that all these latest and popular apps are provided to you absolutely for free. The vastness of this app store includes personalized recommendations for making your search and surf of the applications easy, quick as well as interesting.
  • Can you shop in a messy store? To attract the customers the shop must be well designed and well set up inside and outside. Same is the case for app store market too. This app store provides you well organized, well designed, a clean platform for shopping your favorite apps. This made the app store to be user-friendly.
  •  Downloading via this app store is really very fast and easy. You need not have to face any extra procedure for installation or running the app on your device. Free downloading also incorporates automatic installation. And if suppose, your device battery went dead or had faced any network problem then no need to panic. You can resume the downloading process. This saves the data of your internet and also the usage of device’s battery.
  • Third-party app stores are generally ignored by the device users as the device gets virus attack from the downloading of some applications from it. Realizing your device’s security purpose, the app store provides abundant free applications that are all genuine. The originality of the applications is been strictly checked by the third party security organization. Therefore, you have high quality, free and safe applications for your device.
  • The app store apk automatically fixes bugs. Also, the language supported by the app store is originally Chinese. But recently, English has been also incorporated as the default language. Not up to that, it has also added wallpapers and stickers for making your chat window extra fun. These made the app store apk popular worldwide.

With all these splendid features made this app store apk acceptable within a short period of time. The genuineness attracted the Android users to use it as the best alternative to the traditionally followed Google Play Store. The credit just not only goes to the features of this app store apk but also to its easy downloading process. The upcoming segment will be describing the steps required for using it in your device.

Tongbu Apk: Steps to Download and Install

Downloading and using the app store apk is very simple and less time-consuming. You do not have to spend the entire day of yours to get it on your device unless you really have a standard internet connection. Just get in mind these simple few steps for experiencing the fun.


  • Tap on the link provided. This will take you to the page from which you can download the apk file of the app store. But yes, before that you have to enable the installation or downloading permission from the unknown sources by going to the settings option on your device. This will certainly follow the downloading process further.
  • As the file gets downloaded you will be notified. Tap on the received file to open and carry on the installation of the app store apk in your device.
  • This will take only some minutes as you will be asked for permission and agree with some terms and conditions. Agreeing with all the necessary commands initialization of the installation will be made. This will again take few minutes or seconds.
  • Once completed with the installation, you will be notified. What are you further waiting for then? Get started with what installed.

The steps are really very polished and simple just as the design of the application store apk. Tongbu apk once again proved that anything best does not support complications. This simple attitude of the app store apk turned on many users and are also continuing to involve much more too. Follow these steps mentioned above to be a part of this extraordinary featured app store apk.

AdAway APK Download For Android Device – Latest V3.2

Are you getting unnecessary, irritating ads on your Android phone screen randomly? If so then here we are going to introduce AdAway Apk, which is one of the best Apk. for your device. Suppose you are using an online app, games or web browser on your phone. It will automatically create some pop-up ads and thus displayed on your screen. So to get reach out from these ads this app is very much helpful for your Android devices.

You can also easily choose your host file from a device through this app only. Suppose you are getting ads from some sites frequently so add these sites to the whitelist to block them from your browser.

AdAway APK Download For Android Device:


This app is only developed for the Android devices so it works on almost all the Android devices flawlessly. You just need to install this app on your phone through the Apk file. Now enjoy the most convenient browsing without any ads on your screen. This application built up with many useful features and thus helps you customize it on the way you want. So read out the below discussion part and get know about this app clearly. And also know how to download and install this app on your phone.

How to Download AdAway Apk File?

The best procedure which you should need to follow before download this Apk file is given below.

  • To download the latest version of AdAway Apk file on your phone then go through this Download Link.
  • Now when you click on the above link it will automatically redirect you to a main downloading page where you can find some up to date versions of files to download.
  • Scroll down on the page and read the details of terms and conditions before start downloading.
  • Once you completed now find the download button or link to start doing.
  • Click on any link and the file will start downloading on your phone.
  • After downloading has been completed the file will get saved on your phone memory.

How to install AdAway Apk file?

Now it’s the time to install AdAway Apk file from the downloaded setup file. Go through the below points and apply the same on your phone to install this file.

  • As this is a third party App so you need to enable the installation of Apk from the Unknown Sources. To enable this you need to open the Phone settings and open the System Security and Privacy settings. Now open the Unknown Sources option where you need to click for enabling it. By default, this option remains disabled on every android phone.
  • Now open the setup file from the folder and click on that file to start the installation process.
  • In the meantime, you need to allow some permission which will be requested by this app during installation.
  • Once the installation has been completed you can easily open the app from the Launcher icon created on App drawer.

Features of AdAway Apk:

All the available features provided by AdAway Apk is given below.

  • This app provides you a safe and relaxed browsing experience by blocking all the unnecessary Ads from your web browser or from some other online apps.
  • When you open some sites you will get some unwanted pop-ups which also contains viruses and may harm your devices. These things also get blocked using this AdAway Apk.
  • Create a whitelist of your websites and them on it, now the ads will again pop up like before from the whitelist sites.
  • We also get ads before watching online video. So that ad also gets disabled through this app and you need not wait till the ads get completed.
  • It works best with Tutu App as it comes with lots of ads displayed on its interface.
  • It also gets captured your host files from your device and helps to keep your phone safe.
  • The working interface of this app is so much friendly that you can use it without any hesitation.
  • Browse and download from the site without any wait or interruption from any type of ads.


Hope you get the full information about the features, downloading and installation procedure of AdAway Apk. So feel free to download AdAway Apk from think given below the downloading steps on above. You need to have a rooted device on which the AdAway app will work properly. This App does not work properly on the non-rooted devices. So before get install this app you need to check the device compatibility properly. From the official site, you can get the information and helpful links for extra needs.The user should follow the proper procedure before using any apps or apks on your phone from third-party sites. So what are you waiting for? Get this app as soon as possible and block those unwanted apps.