Root Explorer APK Download For Android and PC – Latest V5.0.0

Root Explorer is the tending and most powerful application for management of the system files in Android devices. This application offers the users with root access to the whole system files including the files that are hidden and difficult to find. Delete, create and unpack the files in background mode with Root Explorer Apk download.

Root Explorer is the advanced multi-purpose file managing application designed specifically for Android devices. The application allows the users to access the inaccessible and hidden files on your Android devices. It allows the users to access the all the files in Android system including the one that is superbly secured and hidden. You can find the required files using the app and make the changes according to your needs. Please note that the Root Explorer is only compatible with Android devices that are rooted.

Root Explorer APK Download For Android and Windows PC:


Although people can also install the application on non-rooted devices they will not be able to access the system files on their device. Since it is not available officially on Google Play Store, users are required to download the Root Explorer APK on their device from third party website or from its official website.

Key Features of Root Explorer Apk:

  • The Root Explorer APK enables the users to easily manage and delete the unwanted files from the extension
  • It allows the users to share the files using email and Bluetooth.
  • The allows you to view the basic details of any files available in your system
  • It enables you to create shortcuts of any folder and file on home screen of your device
  • The application comes with pre-installed video player and music player that allows streaming of music and videos online without third-party apps
  • Alike another file manager, the app allows you to copy, move, paste files from one location to another
  • It comes with built-in text editor and allows bookmarking of different files and folders
  • It allows you to search for any files which are hidden or super secured
  • It can also help you to hide any private files on your system
  • The application allows you to open multiple tabs at a time without worrying about any interruption and lags
  • The app comes with some ads which can be removed easily with Lucky Patcher App


Downloading and Installation of Root Explorer Apk for PC:

The Root Explorer Apk is not just only limited to Android devices, but you can also run this app on Windows PC and Mac PC and Laptop with ease. You need to install Android emulator on your PC to download and install the app on your PC. The steps to download the Root Explorer on your PC are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, you need to download the Android Emulator on your PC like Bluestacks
  • Now open the emulator on your PC and search for Root Explorer from its search bar and install the application
  • After the APK is installed on the PC, you can easily use the APK through the Android emulator
  • Enjoy the Android apps on bigger screen of your PC for better experience


Downloading and Installation of Root Explorer APK on Android:

Since the application is not officially available in Play Store, you are required to download the Root Explorer Apk file from third party site or from its website directly. But, ensure to root your device prior to downloading the APK file on your device. Without rooting the application will not work as intended on your device.

  • Go to the settings of your device and scroll down to Security Settings and then tap on “Unknown Sources” option to enable it without which you can’t accept downloading from third party sites on your Android device.
  • Now go to the official site of Root Explorer from here.
  • Download latest version of the APK from the official website of Root Explorer App
  • Download and store the APK file on the SD card of your device to save memory space of the device
  • Now to go to the location where you have stored the APK file
  • Click on “Install” button to start the installation process
  • Wait till the installation is completed successfully


So, just follow the above-mentioned steps and download the Root Explorer Apk on your Android and Windows PC Computer for free.

AdAway APK V3.2 For Android – Free Download

Are you getting unnecessary, irritating ads on your Android phone screen randomly? If so then here we are going to introduce AdAway Apk, which is one of the best Apk. for your device. Suppose you are using an online app, games or web browser on your phone. It will automatically create some pop-up ads and thus displayed on your screen. So to get reach out from these ads this app is very much helpful for your Android devices.

You can also easily choose your host file from a device through this app only. Suppose you are getting ads from some sites frequently so add these sites to the whitelist to block them from your browser.

AdAway APK Download For Android Device:


This app is only developed for the Android devices so it works on almost all the Android devices flawlessly. You just need to install this app on your phone through the Apk file. Now enjoy the most convenient browsing without any ads on your screen. This application built up with many useful features and thus helps you customize it in the way you want. So read out the below discussion part and get know about this app clearly. And also know how to download and install this app on your phone.

How to Download AdAway Apk File?

The best procedure which you should need to follow before download this apk file is given below.

  • To download the latest version of AdAway Apk file on your phone then go through this Download Link.
  • Now when you click on the above link it will automatically redirect you to a main downloading page where you can find some up to date versions of files to download.
  • Scroll down to the page and read the details of terms and conditions before start downloading.
  • Once you completed now find the download button or link to start doing.
  • Click on any link and the file will start downloading on your phone.
  • After downloading has been completed the file will get saved in your phone memory.

How to install AdAway Apk file For Android?

Now it’s the time to install AdAway Apk file from the downloaded setup file. Go through the below points and apply the same on your phone to install this file.

  • As this is a third party App so you need to enable the installation of Apk from the Unknown Sources. To enable this you need to open the Phone settings and open the System Security and Privacy settings. Now open the Unknown Sources option where you need to click on enabling it. By default, this option remains disabled on every android phone.
  • Now open the setup file from the folder and click on that file to start the installation process.
  • In the meantime, you need to allow some permission which will be requested by this app during installation.
  • Once the installation has been completed you can easily open the app from the Launcher icon created on App drawer.

Key Features of AdAway Apk:

All the available features provided by AdAway Apk is given below.

  • This app provides you a safe and relaxed browsing experience by blocking all the unnecessary Ads from your web browser or from some other online apps.
  • When you open some sites you will get some unwanted pop-ups which also contains viruses and may harm your devices. These things also get blocked using this AdAway Apk.
  • Create a whitelist of your websites and them on it, now the ads will again pop up like before from the whitelist sites.
  • We also get ads before watching online video. So that ad also gets disabled through this app and you need not wait till the ads get completed.
  • It works best with Tutu App as it comes with lots of ads displayed on its interface.
  • It also gets captured your host files from your device and helps to keep your phone safe.
  • The working interface of this app is so much friendly that you can use it without any hesitation.
  • Browse and download from the site without any wait or interruption from any type of ads.

Hope you get the full information about the features, downloading and installation procedure of AdAway Apk. So feel free to download AdAway Apk from thinking given the downloading steps on above. You need to have a rooted device on which the AdAway app will work properly. This App does not work properly on the non-rooted devices. So before get install this app you need to check the device compatibility properly. From the official site, you can get the information and helpful links for extra needs.The user should follow the proper procedure before using any apps or apks on your phone from third-party sites. So what are you waiting for? Get this app as soon as possible and block those unwanted apps.

9Apps APK V3.3.0.4 For Android – Download

Searching for good apps to download games and for Android then download one of the popular app 9apps Apk. It got a wide range of games and applications that you want for your Mobile. It also provides categories and sub-categories along with some filters and also runs smoothly without any interruption.


9apps also known as a Handy app store which gives you the entire list of games and apps that even other stores cannot offer.Not only games it also offers themes, ringtones, themes and much more. It also offers a search bar so that you can search your favorite apps and games using keywords.

So for what you are waiting to download it and enjoy the facilities that 9apps are offering for your Android. If you are thinking to download then follow the post given below to download the Apk file.

How to download 9apps Apk For Android:

9 apps got a wide range of applications and games that we all want for our mobile to use. So to download the  9apps for your Android device you will need to enable unknown source because you devise security does not allow to install other sources. To enable follow the steps given below.

Here are the steps to download 9apps

  • To download 9 apps Click Here.
  • Go to your mobile device setting options.
  • After going to your device setting search the security button.
  • From the security button itself, you can enable Unknown source.
  • After enabling unknown source tap on Install to start the installation.
  • Now your app is ready to use.

These are the downloading process of 9apps apk file. Download it and enjoy games and applications and much more.And also it offers features for the users to know read the post below.

Specific Features of 9apps Apk:

It is a very versatile single icon app which can be downloaded in any mobile having Android software. And also it offers amazing features for the users which you must know while using the apps.

Features of 9Apps

  • It is like a search engine in which one can search different apps.
  • All apps can be downloaded after searching by a single click.
  • All Apps are displayed on screen search by scrolling to get.
  • One can download any number of Apps but daily 3 Apps will be displayed in each category.
  • The auto recommendation features of the app choose the best apps as per your usage.
  • It provides the top apps and games lists along with professional recommendations and reviews.

This is the above features that 9Apps is offering for the users. Features of 9apps are really amazing and specific.Download the app and use the above features and start downloading the apps, games, themes, ringtones and other categories.


we can say 9apps as one of the popular apps of downloading apps and games for your Android device. So if you want to download apps and games and much more 9apps will be best for you. Search your favorite apps and games by taking help of the searching bar download it and start using apps and playing games on your Android device.